The Harmony Program and Mountjoy prison Dublin

The Harmony Program is part of the drug treatment therapy delivered to inmates on the medical wing of Mountjoy prison Dublin since 2014. Pictured at the recent IPEA (Irish Prison Education Association) conference in Portlaoise midlands prison is Dr Jane Carrigan, Chair of the Irish Prison Education Association and Roger Mehta, founder of The Harmony Program.img_3774

Huge Mental Health & Substance Misuse Forum in Tipperary

It was a privilege for myself and The Harmony Program‬ to be part of the Fethard & Killenaule ‘Joint Community Awareness Forum’ organised by ‪Coolmore Stud‬ and held in Moyglass last night with over 1,000 people attending. Mental health & drug and alcohol misuse are so intertwined for many people. Its imperative both need to be addressed to prevent or rehabilitate people from addiction. L to R: John Leahy (Alcohol Abuse); Roger Mehta (The Harmony Program); Alice Leahy (TRUST Foundation); Niall ‘Bressie’ Breslin (Mental Health & Anxiety); Fran Curry (Tipp FM) who chaired the evening; Nicole Ryan (Drugs Awareness Campaigner following the tragic death of her brother earlier in the year); and Alan Quinlan (Mental Health and Sport).13183168_10153670914517775_84998171_n

Moyglass Hall

A section of the huge crowd that attended the Fethard and Killenaule Joint Community Awareness Forum


The Harmony Program & Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Coming to terms with the effects of drug‬ ‪misuse through The Harmony Program and rapper Macklemore‬ & Ryan Lewis‬. This devastatingly charged rap is based on drug use in the rap industry and it’s downfalls for both Macklemore and specifically shows the example of Pimp C‬ who died overdosing on cough syrup. As well as being about the plagues of drug use, the song is also about the dangers of idol worship, particularly rapper‪ Weezy‬ (LilWayne‬).

Themes examined in the rap include:‪ Peer Pressure‬. Entertainment Industry portrayal of drugs. Progressive nature of addiction. Loss of friendships and relationships. Loss of motivation, direction in life, dreams and aspirations. Crime and overdose‬.

Click the link to watch the video

‘Drug addiction comes with huge amounts of stigma attached’

Finally drug or alcohol addiction is being viewed as a medical condition but If REAL progress is to be made in tackling the condition then the stigma of being labeled a ‘drug addict’ or ‘alcoholic’ has to be overcome. It has with, with being gay in Ireland and is also slowly happening with depression. No one ‘chooses’ the tragedy that goes with the condition…

Learning about the root causes and impacts of alcohol through The Harmony Program and the music of Kendrick Lamar

For decades the music and lifestyles played out by musicians of ‘sex, drugs and rock n’ roll’ has had a powerful influence and impact on society. The Harmony Program enables individuals to confront the true realities of alcohol and drug misuse by integrating drug treatment models with the same medium that has been misinforming them for decades, music.

In the song Swimming Pools (Drank), Kendrick Lamar compares the dangerous amount of alcohol that some people drink to a swimming pool. He raps about drinking alcohol to ‘fit in with the popular’, the pressure he’s under to fit in with his peers and how alcohol is used to attract women.

He also raps about the family influences around him to misuse alcohol with his conscience finally speaking to him about the danger he is in from alcohol poisoning, if he continues to abuse alcohol:

Now I done grew up
Round some people living their life in bottles
Granddaddy had the golden flask
Back stroke every day in Chicago
Some people like the way it feels
Some people wanna kill their sorrows
Some people wanna fit in with the popular
That was my problem

Nigga why you babysittin’ only 2 or 3 shots?
I’m a show you how to turn it up a notch
First you get a swimming pool full of liquor, then you dive in it
Pool full of liquor, then you dive in it
I wave a few bottles, then I watch em all flock
All the girls wanna play Baywatch
I got a swimming pool full of liquor and they dive in it
Pool full of liquor I’m a dive in it

Okay, now open your mind up and listen to me, Kendrick
I’m in your conscience, if you do not hear me
Then you will be history, Kendrick
I know that you’re nauseous right now
And I’m hopin’ to lead you to victory, Kendrick
If I take another one down
I’m a drown in some poison abusin’ my limit