The Harmony Program & Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Coming to terms with the effects of drug‬ ‪misuse through The Harmony Program and rapper Macklemore‬ & Ryan Lewis‬. This devastatingly charged rap is based on drug use in the rap industry and it’s downfalls for both Macklemore and specifically shows the example of Pimp C‬ who died overdosing on cough syrup. As well as being about the plagues of drug use, the song is also about the dangers of idol worship, particularly rapper‪ Weezy‬ (LilWayne‬).

Themes examined in the rap include:‪ Peer Pressure‬. Entertainment Industry portrayal of drugs. Progressive nature of addiction. Loss of friendships and relationships. Loss of motivation, direction in life, dreams and aspirations. Crime and overdose‬.

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